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The growing interest in princess cut engagement rings has got everyone’s attention these days. This particular cut shape for diamonds is quite new and different when compared to the traditional round cut. It’s ideal for those couples who wish to make a different style statement on their engagement.

More so, the princess cut exposes the flexibility of diamonds that may be cut into many brilliant shapes. Aside from its uniqueness, there are lots of other factors that lie behind the recognition of the princess cut engagement rings.

As we continue, we will evaluate the most significant factors.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings Defined

These rings have diamonds that are basically square-shaped having a flat top. And, the cut is located to be popular among diamond cutters, because it holds more crystal weight.

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Two types of cut namely the step cut and the brilliant cut can be used in the making of princess cut diamond. As well as that, a series of parallel designs also run along the length or width from the diamond that provides rise to a step cut. The brilliant cut is generally triangular in shape imparting many facets towards the stone.


· The cut also enables diamonds to reflect excellent color and clarity.

· It is comparatively a lot easier to create and polish they.

· Its sharp corners with prongs offer excellent protection against damage of any kind.

· Its shape acts as an advantage in hiding imperfections if any.

· The sharp corners of the cut allow several smaller diamonds to be fit into it giving rise to the entire ring with side stones. As a result, it is highly customizable.

· This cut is comparably a lot cheaper than a round cut diamond; hence making the whole engagement ring cheaper.


They are saying variety may be the spice of life. These rings come in variety together with style. Some of the most sought after variety include princess cut diamond engagement ring in white gold and yellow gold. One carat and two carat princess cut rings are also very popular.


The unbeatable type of these rings makes all women crave for it. And, the customizable shape of these rings give rise to a wide array of design options. The halo design where the center stone is framed with smaller diamonds towards the overall the surface of the ring is high on style nowadays. Side stone designs to three stone ring designs to classic vintage designs; it is likely that style are endless.


Price of princess cut engagement rings varies based on the design and other factors. Nevertheless the best part is the fact that these rings could be shaped in almost any design you would like at low-cost. Unlike perfect diamonds, these stones being prone to hidden flaws and discoloration are inexpensive while being brilliant simultaneously.

The addition of side stones to those rings can increase the price with respect to the value of the stones.


You can purchase or order this type of ring from top designer diamond and jewellery stores. Plenty of choices can also be found online on eBay etc.


In the end an engagement ring is the mark of the bond of love that is to last a lifetime. Every woman wants so that it is special. It’s something that women dream about since their girlhood days. Princess cut diamond engagement rings for women meet every need for a woman.

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